Reduce Expenses on Kids’ Extracurricular Activities

Many parents want their children to participate in extracurricular activities because they provide opportunities for staying in shape, socializing, working on academics and learning new skill sets. However, most families are working within limited budgets and want to save money … Continue reading

Useful Tips for Inculcating Trust and Honesty in Preschoolers

Parents play a critical role in teaching their preschool aged children trust and honesty. The home environment is one of the first places that kids experience these values. Many parents may not realize how much they have already done for … Continue reading

Making the Most of Conference Time with Your Kids’ Teacher

Children learn in different environments and it’s essential that parents and the general child care teacher are on the same page about a child’s strengths and weaknesses. This is best done by having a sit-down conference with the teacher. A … Continue reading

Too Many Arguments Can Ruin Your Child’s Innocence

Childhood is full of innocence. But with this said, many parents argue in front of their children without thinking about the effect that it has on them. While occasional disagreements, teach kids that marriage isn’t perfect, constant fighting can be … Continue reading