Wash Your Hands! Encouraging Sound Hygiene Habits at Child Care Centers

Having an ailing child can be both mentally and physically straining for a parent as well as the child care center staff. In order to minimize the occurrence of diseases in children, inculcating good hygiene habits is vital, that must … Continue reading

Independence Day: Teach Your Kids the True Value of 4th July

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How to Promote Team Building in Preschoolers

Today’s technology dominated environment can be very stressful and harmful for children. Those who attend a preschool or a day care center love to spend time watching their favorite shows on television or playing games. These are not healthy signals … Continue reading

Should Preschools Teach Self Defense to Children?

The safety of children has always been a concern for parents. There has been a rapid increase in the children related crimes over past few years in the U.S. According to the U.S Department of Justice, more than 58,000 children … Continue reading

First Science Experiments That Preschoolers Can Try

Preschoolers are curious about everything. Their surroundings are a huge mystery to them and they have questions about everything. If you are putting your preschooler in child care programs, make sure these programs are equipped to stimulate your child’s brain … Continue reading