How to Keep Your Child Hydrated and Active This Winter

Children don’t get as thirsty in the winter as they do playing in the hot sun during the summer. Parents and other childcare workers don’t think about the need to stay hydrated as much, although children still need to be … Continue reading

10 Foods That Help in Brain Development of Your Child

During the developmental stages, children need an abundant amount of nutrients. While supplements are beneficial, the nutrients they receive from the foods they eat are the easiest for the body to break down and utilize. Apples/plums – Known for the … Continue reading

Overweight and Obesity in School Aged Kids: A Study and the Findings

A new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine is stating that close to 50% of children who are deemed obese in eighth grade were obese children before they even entered kindergarten. Obesity prevention needs to start earlier … Continue reading