4 Healthy Snacks Ideas for Your Kids’ Lunch Box

Running around first thing in the morning can be very hectic and you may be tempted to throw a package of processed cheese and crackers into their lunchbox for a snack, in the interest of saving time. However, processed packaged do not contain the nutrients that a child needs to get through a long day at school without a mental crash.

Here are four clever snack ideas:

  1. Peanut Butter and Apple Slices

    Healthy foods for your kidsA small tupperware container full of peanut butter and some apple slices in a separate zip-locked bag will provide your child with Vitamin C for alertness and protein to regulate their metabolism. Further to that, peanut butter goes great with apples, as the peanut butter cuts the acidity for a nice balance. Your child will be excited the next time you pack it for them.

  2. Sharp Cheese and Crackers

    Sharp cheese has more flavor than regular American cheese and children generally do not have the pallet for Swiss cheese until they get a little older. Spice up your traditional serving of cheese and crackers by including crackers in one container and cheese in the next so that your child can assemble the sandwiches as he sees fit. Include a piece of fresh fruit to wash it down.

  3. Almonds and Orange Slices

    Oranges are very high in sugar and will raise your child’s blood sugar before he crashes from breakfast, just in time for his break and right before his next class. Almonds are high in protein, which will allow him to maintain physical and mental endurance by regulating his metabolism.

  4. Coconut and Dark Chocolate

    Healthy snacks don’t need to taste healthy. Coconut is one of the most nutritious fruits in the world and dark chocolate causes the release of endorphins which increase brain wave activity and cognitive function.

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